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Our Mission

“Access to clean water, air, affordable clean renewable energy, education and sustainable housing is a key lever for social and economic prosperity and the path to healthy sustainable communities”.

What We Do

Create innovative and practical solutions for solving environmental impacts which threaten cultural heritage, water, food security, affordable housing and public health…..

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Please contact us to discuss any of our projects or just to drop a line and say hello.  We are always glad to make new connections with like minded individuals.

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The Community Dialogue On Adapting to Climate Change

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Climate Change Impact Campaigns

Conducting climate impact campaigns prove to convey that communities are not prepared for climate change impacts.

Plan and Implement Adaptation Programs

Adapting to climate variability and extreme events, including many that have ecological, economic, or social benefits will take planning and implementing.

What Do Hispanic Communities Think About Climate Change?

How does consumption affect water resources, ecosystems, agricultural production, energy supply and delivery, transportation, and human health?

Recent Work

Climate Change in the Southwest

Noble Renewables Group LLC partnering with the

Union of Concerned Scientists